The Weather Channel

Watch the Weather channel live stream for free on The channel was Launched on Sep 1, 1988, The Weather Network (TWN) is a 24×7 Canadian Specialty TV network owned by Pelmorex. (Spanish) and MétéoMédia, a French language TV are the siblings of the network. Headquartered in Oakville, ON the station was licensed by CRTC on Dec 1, 1987. The channel singed on air on Sep 1, 1998 after some signal testing as WeatherNow. Lavalin Inc., an engineering firm was the owner at the humble beginnings. The current branding “The Weather Network” was applied on May 1, 1989. In the initial days of its launch TWN shared the studios and facilities with the sibling station, MétéoMédia (French) – the single television feed was shared by the two through and analogue transponder. The two sister joined hands together with one airing local forecasts while the other worked with video feed and commercials. However the cooperation didn’t last long as the operations were separated in 1994. Computer-generated local forecasting through the systems installed in the United States based WeatherStar remained the part of TWN until 1996 when the station decided to get its own system PMX in 1996.

The merged SNC-Lavalin sold the channel to Pelmorex in 1993. The web-portal of the weather station was launched in 1996 but the weather channel live stream was introduced after 2010. Programming of the TWN has evolved over the time, changing the lineups and creating spun offs. EarthWatch, for instance, introduced as a five-minute news segment has been transformed into Weather News. Morning Report, Across Canada, Weekend Report and Sea to Sea also made the popular programming blocks in Mid 90’s and early 2000’s.
On May 2, 1998 the channel relocated its facilities from Montreal to Mississauga, ON cutting a lot of jobs particularly of the weekend presenters. The legal feud with Star Choice (Shaw Direct) in 2004 over the issue of replacing the bundle was a setback faced by TWN.

More localized forecasts and improved coverage was in effect by the end of 2004.
Main studios were once again changed in Nov 2005, this time to Oakville, Ontario. Long time precipitation, satellite and radar maps, a morning show, lengthened forecasting, traffic information and regional forecasts were added after the shifting to new headquarters.
In Nov 2014 CBC News and TWN signed a deal that would see a mutual sharing between the two. The deed would allow CBC News Network to borrow forecasts owned by TWN and it would in turn receive the weather-related stories.
the content-sharing was finalized on Dec 8, 2014 and was in effect for on year-trial. However, from Sep 2016 the partnership is no longer in business. The Weather channel sold out 49% interest that had been owned since 1996 to Pelmorex Management Inc. High Definition feed was launched on May 30, 2011 and is currently carried by Rogers Cable, EastLink, Shaw Cable, MTS and Cogeco. Web and mobile services including WeatherEye.
The Weather Network Mobile and The Weather Network TV App (launched in 2015) also include in the assets that ensure the availability over diverse platforms. Content is mainly divided into Local forecasts and live programming. Over 40 million users every moth are involved with the Pelmorex weather services through a wide range of devices