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MSNBC launched on July 15, 1996 is a NBC Universal cable and satellite station initially established in 1996 following a business deed between Microsoft and General Electric. The partnership created two different brands i.e. MNSBC and active with their own corporate structures and headquarters in NBC headquarters New York and Microsoft Campus Redmond, Washington. Following the divesting of Microsoft stakes in 2005 and July 2012, the long-used site of general news became the online portal for MSNBC news channel. The audiences share measured in February 2015 shows a reach to 94,531,000 domestic households of USA. NBC executive Tom Rogers was instrumental in the establishment of the channel.

The late summers of 2015 were marked with a complete re-do by which opinionated programing in the afternoon will shift to primetime and the initiatives like sharing a dual editorial with NBC. More news and less leaning were the news goals of the station. Phil Griffin is the currently the President of the network, Brian Williams has the task of managing and editing of breaking while programming and news is overseen by Janelle Rodriguez and Pat Burkey. The cable network of liberals is revamping its editorial polices and programing with a more objective and non-partisan approach, vowing to promote straight and genuine news. An audience share of 50,000 during morning hours, average audience of 325,000 and 542,000 in Prime time as estimated by Nielsen in July 2015 was nothing compared to Fox News 1.7 million primetime viewers. CNN which previously lagged has also surpassed the prime-time audience share of 550,000. The overhaul is intended to recover the ratings of the channel, the loss of which has it in the last place among mainstream and premier news outlets. There are those experts coming up with the view that it was a mistake by Comcast Corp. to separate the MSNBC and NBC News. The Place for Politics is the slogan of the channel. 20 Years is currently the part of scheme of logo as the channel celebrates its 20th anniversary. CNBC, CNBC World, NBC, The Weather Channel, NBCSN, E!, Esquire Network, Golf Channel, USA Network, Syfy and Bravo are the siblings of the 24×7 news network. Paying visit to the official site of the station will get visitors to latest national and world news, Trump and Russia, democrats, republicans, sports, weather updates, documentaries and discussions on elections, education, economy, Green, Health, national security, society, blogs, newsletters and more. You can Join In to receive the exclusive news feeds and reports from MSNBC which is now 20 Years. Connect with the station using Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Here is the website:



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